Empowerment for Bronx Residents


Bronx residents are more likely to succumb to the virus.


Environmental justice is the “fair treatment of people of all races.


Trump spent the first year of his Presidency fighting.

My loss, My drive To Do More

Historian Arthur Schlesinger once made a resounding statement about America’s democratic experiment. He recalled that American democracy often flies closer to the flame, but it escapes the stronger for it. And perhaps the events leading to the November 2020 election will not feature anywhere in the annals of history because of our country’s inextricable past ties to prejudice and discrimination. The residents of the 15th District will emerge stronger, however, its black community must not remain victims of vicious stereotypes and racist tropes. My constitutional rights were violated in this race because I was denied a fair chance to represent the people in the election, sadly I wasn’t the only candidate. Granted, I will work in tandem with the elected officials alongside other organizations to continue serving this community, because this is what we must do.

I am categorically grateful to the 15th Congressional District residents for opening their minds and giving my campaign the support to attempt to become your representative in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, I had a horrible loss, but I have prevailed stronger and wiser. I still hurt from the disenfranchisement and the cruelty of some individuals in the political world. However, without a shred of doubt, we will continue to work hand in hand to achieve the American dream and maintain our land’s innocence and optimism. America’s imagination, thinking, creativity, and culture must not be impoverished. Indeed, communities are transformed through visionary leadership, and residents of the 15th District, like any other community, must leverage the benefits of a good leader through voting, advocacy and accountability.

Commitment to Public Service

Marlene Tapper is a political and legal consultant with over 25 years of experience focusing on communities in need and their residents. As an Investor Advisor she has offered services to those struggling financially or need assistant on building a nest egg. Quality of Life is her motto and she had a distain for people who reside in less than human conditions and are ignored by their leaders. Ms. Tapper has been recognized for working for policies to improve the lives of the residents of the community. As an elected official staffer, she personally understands that accountability begins with the elected officials you choose and paying attention to their actions. All of the Bronx needs to be physically and environmentally for all to live.


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Environmental justice is the “fair treatment of people of all races, income, and cultures with respect to the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.


In 2017, the New York City Council pass Local Law 67, prohibits New York City employers from asking for or basing compensation on salary history.


For over 100 years the United States has always been a role model of democracy across the world, but now we face losing the diplomatic relationships established.


Do we deserve as a country? when our children are being killed and we can’t pass legislation to stop the average citizen from obtaining military weapons, what purpose.

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The 15th Congressional District can no longer be rated the poorest district in the country it needs a leader who will fight for your allocation of funding and resources which belongs to you. Marlene wants to move the district forward down the path to recovery – not take us backward. To do this, Marlene needs your help! Join the Team! Become a Leader!