Chinese are taking over China Sea and we are no longer protecting our allies like we used to

COVID-19, while it has shrouded the economic future of the world with strenuous impact on businesses and financial hubs across the globe, we find it very difficult to locate what it holds in store for the global politics. Under a cloud of this pandemic, the first epicenter of this virus, china, works its way farther into the South China Sea. The bone of content between the United States and the Asian business hub has now been left unattended by the former as it battles against COVID-19. Now that we enter this phase of uncertainty, we find several questions that would require answers to understand how things have been rolling with China in the South China Sea and where the US is actually in this situation?

So, what actually has been the reason for the US to be away from this critical front? It’s the rising number of cases and the acute pressure that the US healthcare sector witnesses from the COVID-19.  As the US focuses all its strength to contain the already 1.61 million affected people from reaching a record 2 million, Chain locates this as an opportunity to take over the islands and islets in the South Chain Sea.

What makes this the prime time for China?
With increased focus towards its internal problem, the US has reduced the support that it was providing to its allies in the South China Sea. As the Chinese forces hurl pressure towards the already nervous and pandemic affected neighbors, they have no chance but to succumb under the weight of the Chinese might. Moreover, if we ponder over the global situation in recent months, it becomes ever more evident that China couldn’t have gone for a better time to push forwards into the South China Sea.

Right from the International Peace Keeping Forces to the UN and all others who could have caught China in its tracks, everyone is looking to defeat the pandemic. No or minimal obstacles in its path, China has just plucked the feather off a golden bird and moving forwards to hunt it down.

What has brought this malice of the Chinese forces to light?
While the global bodies for peace and even the US had loosened the grip on Chinese forces, harassment from exploration and trade vessels became a common occurrence. Instances where the Chinese troops trailed behind or cut-off other commercial ships from Malaysia and other South China sea voyagers brought to light the activities that China was indulged in at the waterfront.

That’s where the grip went lose, amidst the COVID-19 the US delayed support and reduced assistance to its allies, and China walked ahead.

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