Bronx residents are more likely to succumb to the virus, which already suffers with a lower life expectancy rate than the rest of the city. Bronx residents who have caught the disease have died at three times the rate that other citizen residents. The area has high diagnosis of residents with chronic asthma, diabetes and other repository diseases. There has been over 11,000 reported cases in the Bronx, the communities most affected are Crotona Park East, East Tremont, Mott Haven, Melrose South, High Bridge, Morrisania, Morris Heights, and parts of Soundview.

The COV19 has revealed who the most vulnerable New Yorkers are to this invisible disease, individuals who have an underling disease such as high blood pressure or diabetes. These individuals lack access to basic human needs such as healthcare, adequate housing, or paid sick leave. Many if these individuals in our community are considered essential workers on the frontline who willingly subject themselves daily for the rest of us to maintain some normality during this lock down, while risking being exposed on the job. Some of the individuals have lost their lives over the past few months. The evidence is clear low-income communities, particularly those with a high minority population, are disproportionately suffering from the outbreak, the 15th congressional district is the poorest congressional district in the country. This knowledge should make officials allocate additional resources to this community. The impact has been staggering – African Americans and Latinos are twice as likely to die from the Coronavirus as any other racial group.

Congress has passed “emergency response” legislation that fails to address the emergency. Specifically, and outrageously, our frontline healthcare professionals are still working courageously to save lives without the protective equipment they need and hospitals are not being included equally with fiscal resources to help the Bronx community. The next COVID-19 relief bill must include full protections for frontline health workers meeting health standards to protect health care workers, patients, and the public during this pandemic.

Confronted by the fierce urgency of now,” all of us must stand together and fight against this invisible virus that is disportionateley taking the lives of people of color and has change how we live and America’s moral character. Since the Trump administration has found out communities of color are harder impacted, he has taken aa position to make them suffer more. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of “NOW,” all of us must stand together and fight for the survival of our family’s colleagues and neighbors in a safe way to rebuild our economy. Parents are a big part of this conversation and resources just be provided to them in a safe manner for their children. We are in a revolution to change America’s moral character.


Communities the hardest hit should not be begging for proper protection gear to take care of their patients. We should be relaxing infection control procedures during a pandemic we can’t control unless we are locked away at home. The White House can’t even contain the virus with unlimited resources and they are tested daily. We witness on a daily basis our Governor fighting on our behalf for tests and equipment, while the Trump Administration fights the Governor on a daily basis for tests. I am sorry are you not President of all of the States, this why you need to go. Our lives are at stake, because of your ignorance and arrogance.

During a time of unrest in our nation we need to come together across all race, ethnic and faith lines to declare that we are here to help each other, not only those who are fiscally capable must undertake individual acts of charity, but we have to join together as a community to address injustice. “I find it criminal that the grocery stores in the poorest areas of the Bronx have increased their prices causing additional suffering to their residents.