For over 100 years the United States has always been a role model of democracy across the world, but now we face losing the diplomatic relationships established for over 100 years. While, the administration is paying attention to the virus China is becoming very aggressive in Asia in regards to the China Sea. There has been conflicts of territories between, China, Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia over islands in the China Sea. However, over these past months China has taken advantage and advance its military into Malaysian workers. The US normally keeps a presence in these waters, however, several of our ships have been stricken with COV 19.

Latin America and the Caribbean are expecting a GDP fall of 5.3% and hold geographic areas to be taken over by extreme poverty. The industries that these countries rely on such as trade, tourism, and falling commodity prices as placed these countries in positions of economic turmoil economists aren’t able to determine how long the fallout will destabilize this sector of the world. These countries are in our backyard and need to be paid attention to before we Russia or China taking an interest.

It is important that the Trump Administration and Congress be able to manage more than one crisis at the same time to keep America functioning. It is unacceptable that our country is at risk due to the Commander in Chief being negligent in his duties. As federal representatives, we are obligated to protect our constitution and our territories from intrusive behavior.

North Korea since meeting with Trump is in the process and some state already have the capacity to launch long range missiles to hit the United States. ISIS has started back their terrorist activities openly in Afghanistan and more citizens are being displaced. Our closest allies have always been the European nations and they are on “pause” with diplomatic relations with the United States.

It is of the most importance we reestablish the system of diplomacy the US has established thorough DC decades of Presidents, which allow us to be the respected super power we are, but at the same time losing ground.

We need to recognize there isn’t peace in the middle east until both countries have their own countries. Afghanistan and Iran cannot be left to their own devices, especially Iran whose only objective is to raise havoc worldwide. Russia is an immediate threat especially during an election year and their covert operation to infiltrate the American government. China who owns to much of America on paper only makes decisions which benefit themselves and can careless of the global economy. The world is changing and we must be prepared prior to national occurrences, unfortunately it seems we are going to be facing climate change, migration, and pandemics worldwide for the near future.

This requires a multi-national approach to sustain not only the United States but the planet earth. Federal officials who are in denial of these things are a danger to our sovereignty. We need to start reading a paying attention to the laws being made and the decisions coming out of the white house for our own lives. It is time we demand, representatives be articulate open to learning, advice from specialists and willing to act on the nation’s behalf, because our decisions are felt throughout the world.