Do we deserve as a country? when our children are being killed and we can’t pass legislation to stop the average citizen from obtaining military weapons, what purpose do we serve as a country. The fact armed men could march on the capital in Michigan and not be arrested, I do not see that as an exercise of their rights. But a group of militia men and domestic grown terrorists against our government.

We have well established anti- gun organizations like the Brady Campaign, Everytown for safety and in New York a formidable organization, New York Against Gun Violence. Who don’t want to stop hunters from hunting, but do not believe the average citizen needs an AK47 or machine gun in the back of their truck? The NRA is always screaming it’s their constitutional right, but there is also a governmental responsibility of safety for the citizens of this country.

The United States’ gun homicide rate is 25 times higher than other high-income countries. In 2012 Sandy Hook should have been the end of this conversation, it seems we have a lot to learn from Canada and New Zealand who have banned military style assault weapons and New Zealand has eliminated the Corona Virus as well in their country. The time for negotiations and discussions regarding this matter has come to an end. The United States needs a ban on all assault weapons weather military or not.