Immigration is the foundation of this country yesterday and today. As the proud daughter of immigrant parents who came to this country and fought for the American dream this opportunity should be available to everyone. No one should be separated from their children and placed in cages or cold stadiums and malnourished. The Trump administration has violated basic human rights of these people and broken established agreements with the United Nations.

Immigrants being held in detention centers are at greater risk to catch the virus. These individuals have limited access to water, regular bathing are placed in cramp quarters usually with unsanitary conditions. These conditions don’t allow for social distancing and regular handwashing as the CDC compels, we must do to stop the spread. In essence, we are placing these people in situations that may result in their involuntary death.

One of the ways we can help immigrants is by reducing H1B visa’s and training the people who are in this country. Corporations who want to move their business overseas should not receive tax cuts or bail outs. My grandfather immigrated from Panama to Barbados where my mother was born, my father is from Kenya and grandmother was of Irish descent. I use to think of my family as the UN, this gave me a greater understanding of what being an immigrant in America meant. In addition, I learned how the World Bank and IMF for decades have disenfranchised countries in Africa, the Caribbean and South America setting up what we would call predatory loans that these countries would never be able to get from under, while giving wealthy countries unlimited aid to build their arsenal of weapons instead of providing food to starving countries. We need to change many of our federal elected officials, because their voting record and action scream for them to be removed.

This situation is not about race, sex or creed its human decency and not individual greed. I need your support to help our neighbors, loved ones and families who are being treated like animals by this current administration.