In the midst of a pandemic and an economic crisis which has placed Americans not knowing their future and the possibility the COV-19 might become even more of a crisis in the fall. Americans’ views on Medicare for all has begun to change, 55% of Americans now support the program. However, change has arrived for those who have lost their health care coverage and individuals who are still covered but find their benefits winding as their employers try to make fiscal cuts to their plan.

With the discussion of enacting a universal health care system in the United States intensifying, 43 percent of voters say they are more likely to support reforms to grant all Americans health insurance from the government because of the coronavirus outbreak. New York being the center of the Pandemic, we have to act quickly, efficiently and put aside partisan politics and take care of human lives. As a proud Democrat, I realize we have to work with republicans to make sure the correct policies are put into place to help all of us not only the elite. We are now living in a time of survival and the childish behavior needs to stop.

Medicare for All is a program I support which will bring our medical system into the current century, we are the richest country in the earth with the worth disparities in health care. It’s time we establish legislation which makes high quality healthcare a basic human right for all. Our healthcare system in this country is broken we need to enact a system that protects everyone. Donald Trump’s Health & Human Services Secretary, a former Big Pharmaceutical Executive, testified to Congress it was more important in ensuring a COVID-19 vaccine is established to protect corporate profits. He had nothing to say about the American people although it is our taxpayer dollars being used to develop the vaccine.

In this country you can file for bankruptcy for everything literally accept student loans, we just heard how educational institutions with endowments in over 30 billion were receiving money from the stimulus bill. But the average citizen was supposed to live off of $1,200 dollars for 10 weeks. I support legislation submitted to cancel part of student debt in the amount of $30,000. The bill is called the Student Debt Emergency Relief Act.

The debt cancellation would be tax free tax-free and calls on the Education Department to assume responsibility for monthly payments of borrowers with federal loans. It would also debt collectors or your wages being garnished most importantly they wouldn’t be able to attach to your tax returns. There should be no discussion on this legislation when millionaires are being given a million dollars from the bill.