In July of 2018 at the annual NATO Summit, the world was introduced to Trumps lack of international understanding of the NATO organization, the treaty known as the, “The North Atlantic Treaty” and the concept of “consensus”. If his remarks during this meeting are any indication to his world view and his subsequent behavior regarding the shutdown of the US government. It is an indication of his lack of understanding or ignorance of this alliance the world relies on so countries maintain their sovereignty while acting on the better good of the world.

The President seems to forget the actions of the leader of the free world always has an economic effect on the independent economies of countries around the world. As our development in globalization reaches even the smallest states, we must keep in mind our decisions and the impact they will have globally. His actions have shown the world stage he is not versed on international matters a state leader or the leader of the free world to be to make foreign policy. When a “NATO decision” is announced, it is therefore the expression of the collective will of all the sovereign states that are members of the Alliance. As your congressional member, I will monitor and participate in making sure our alliances continue as they have for centuries.