The United States has the largest incarceration rate in the world and corporations have capitalized on this by privatizing the industry, resulting in a disenfranchisement of services to offenders for fiscal gain. To no one’s shock U.S. Attorney General Sessions announced on February 21, 2017, they would be rescinding President Obama’s Executive Order to stop the privation of prisons.

Prior to the 1980’s private prisons didn’t exist in the United States, the mass incarceration culture in the United States started when Reagan started his “War on Drugs” program. The private health care in jails can unfortunately be a death sentence to inmates as governments try to rid themselves of rising medicals costs especially for ailments such as e.g.: aids and mental illness. the field has become a multi-million-dollar industry and trades well on the stock market. Many states have turned to sub-contracting out health care to private corporations. The largest health care provider is a corporation called, “Prison Health”, which has turned out to be a sham and not actually run by doctors or doctors who have lost their license to practice medicine. It breaks down the lack of credentials, providing the health care to prisoners resulting in deaths, which is pure malign neglect.

While there are several publicly traded companies there are two which have cornered the market CoreCivic and the GEO Group between the two of them run over 170 federal correctional facilities under government contracts. They are able to keep their operating costs low buy not allocating what the law requires is the minimum allocation per prisoner. The Prison Industrial System in the United States has turned out to be one of the wealthiest industries to have in your stock portfolio or 401k.

Private prisons have become so mismanaged and badly run that the Justice Department opened an investigation into their practices. The report’s findings were so damaging the DOJ announced the phasing out of the use of private prisons, with the eventual goal of ending the Federal Bureau of Prison’s use of privately-operated facilities. Most of these prisons are funded by federal grants given to states to allocate at their leisure. The treatment has been documented to be so egregious and below the mandated standard of a human being.

Private prisons have one objective money not rehabilitation and a blatant attack on prisoners’ rights with the intention of keeping them incarcerated to earn more money, stealing taxpayer’s money, while violating the 8th Amendment of cruel and inhumane punishment. As your federal elected representative, I will introduce legislation to have these facilities band all to whether or organize a law suit to be brought in front of The United States Supreme Court.