Covid-19 has become a house hold name unwillingly as this pandemic rips the United States, it is exposing fractures in the system and neglect. Everyone is learning the differences communities of color have stated for decades. Division is not always split based on just socio-economic but also along racial lines. We see the promise made by officials to give out masks directly at all public housing facilities and the housing offices are not being given directives on how this is going to occur. This is placing tenants at further risk. We already know people of color are dying at two times the rates of their counter parts, but the federal government is slow to respond. We have a court system for this that can override the irresponsible behavior of elected officials and those who just like to make noise. We need fighters and I have a bias woman are born fighting for every achievement they obtain and this would be another one on the list to be effectively carried out.

We are witnessing who gets to work from home and still receive a paycheck? Which kids have computers they can use to access school online? But more importantly, the New York Public school system has provided pads for the children, but what happens if the family doesn’t have internet. Will this be another excuse for ACS to threaten or remove children from their families due to the lack of response by the government. This is the time we have to consider corporate partnerships not only to help communities in need, but to put people back to work as they aid their country. Our history has shown we have done these many times in the past and came out stronger. But this calls for persons with leadership ability who are not afraid to stand up and take a position, work with their colleagues who lack understanding or empathy and throw partisan behavior out the window so we can become the respected world power we once were.

Housing is not negotiable it has been made a federally right decided by the US Supreme Court in one of the most important land marked cases Brown v. Board of Education, which dealt with separate but equal. The case determined that all persons have a civil right to be accommodated on identical terms without discrimination on the basis of color in public or in or nonpublic facilities. This means you have the civil right to buy, acquire, lease, occupy, use, and enjoy property and to obtain decent living and housing accommodations in a non-segregated manner. As residents of New York, we know this basic right is being ignored on a daily basis by the powers in charge, maybe because they have never felt what it feels to suffer.

Not only does our city we have an affordable housing problem, the 15th congressional district is not maintaining the housing it has for its residents or the infrastructure. Residents in public housing are ignored and when they bring it to the attention of the offices they are intimidated and then targeted, this behavior is illegal and must stop. Your home is your refuge and it needs to be sustained at a standard for humans to reside in and remain healthy. The Bronx has over 700,000 children diagnosed with asthma and disproportionality residents suffering with respiratory diseases, this is plainly unacceptable.