The real crisis in America is our seniors not being able to retire and continuing to work pass 65 years old, because they can’t afford to retire. Many politicians have a misconception of Social Security, this is a tax-free loan worker give the government. The government in return invests the money and gets a return, which you could easily due for yourself. When you reach the age to receive Social Security, the government asks as though they are doing you a favor. They are returning your money with no interest and then applying a tax to it as though it is income. Unlike dividends, we haven’t established tax laws to be able to write it off or make it exempt.

Our seniors are the back bone of this country the same as our veterans and they are suffering the most. Currently four out of ten seniors can’t afford to retire, we are the only first world country facing this atrocity.

Economists for years have been saying social security bolstering would expand our economy not hurt it and all we hear is we are going to run out. We have elected officials we have sent to Washington to enact policies and or legislation so this would not happen. Many of these individuals have been there20 years plus and are pass the age of retirement and should understand the need their counterparts have to live a life of quality in their senior years.