Minorities are affected disproportionately by Virus

Texts, literature, researches, and many other shreds of evidence of the previous century are now becoming a reality for nearly all of the modern world. A generation that had just read about epidemics and pandemics now witnesses the strain of such a calamity first hand. In the wake of the COVID-19, where millions have already been infected, and deaths soar to about 330,000 globally, statisticians map out trends for vulnerability. What’s a disturbing trend is where the deaths and the rate at which individuals have been infected is a lot higher amongst the minority groups. It’s this that has disturbed and raised the alarm amongst healthcare sectors, the city offices, and governments around the globe. It is in light of these disturbing stats that we ponder over the strength of the argument for the disproportionately affected rates amongst the minorities.

Are minorities indeed the worst affected?
It’s not just an arrow shot in the blind – it is now a statistically backed that where a COVID-19 is unsettling and disturbing itself, the rate at which it has targeted minorities like the BAME in the UK is itself crucial. More than 17% of the total deaths in the United Kingdom are from these minority groups. SO now we know that it is quite evident that minorities have been struck really hard and quite unfortunate.  So, what’s next? It’s the more considerable debate over the reasons for such a disturbing ratio!

Why so hard on the minorities?
Strolling down the statistical lane, the US ranks black hospital enlisting to 33% in New York alone. So what’s the reason that has all the minorities occupying hospitals as they contract the COVID-19? A significant reason that you’d quickly find with just a little analysis is the lifestyle and occupations these minorities have. Minorities in the US and across many other developed countries live in tightly knit families where many would flock into a single residence and take occupations that make it difficult for social-distancing to be observed in the minimum. And that is how you know the black minority population across the US accounts for at least 40% of the deaths in each state.

Is income a possible concern for this rate?
Yes, it can surely be one of the many factors that have subjected minorities to such disturbing affected ratios. Stats show that many of the blacks and other minorities indulge in low-pay jobs and thus are often disregarding of testing and healthcare. Their belief in saving as much as possible prevents them from investing in getting themselves tested or even visit a doctor for flue or cold (one of the symptoms for COVID-19).

Now that you have the facts straightened out with a couple of reasons why minorities are far adversely impacted due to the virus.

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