Parents are going crazy homeschooling children

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit every one of us by surprise. The entire global population has been negatively affected one way or the other.

As people around the world continue to self-isolate due to the pandemic, they are often seen as taking new roles to help the people around them. Just like that, parents have found a new role as teachers. They have seen teaching their kids at home, not letting their kids academic year wasted as they can’t go to school to learn.

However, even with remote help from teachers it’s difficult for many parents to get their kids to continue learning from home. In fact, they find homeschooling teaching model quite difficult – with a number of parents sharing their failures on different media platforms as a result.

While children not being able to complete their assigned homework on time parents are losing their nerves trying to figure out what they are actually assigned. They are finding it tough to understand what they need to be doing to get their kids’ homework completed on time.

According to one parent, homeschooling their kids has not been going well from day one. She said, “Me and my husband are really finding it tough to teach our kids, as we both are also working from home in these tough situations. Another parent described the entire homeschooling process as a challenging one. She said, “I am a single mother with a 7 year old son and a 9 year old daughter. It’s been really difficult for me to teach them at home since I am working as an emergency nurse in a hospital.”

Like these parents, there are several others who are almost going mad trying to teach their children from home. While many of them started homeschooling on a confident note, before quickly realizing how difficult it is.

Even if a parent would like to home school their children, developing a worthwhile program to help them do it would take realistically ‘take years’ to design, a middle school teacher said. She noted that she doesn’t have the right skills to teach her sixth and ninth graders from home.

On the whole, in the midst of the coronavirus shutdown, homeschooling is not going easy as expected by many parents. Although they have been trying to take the roles of their kids’ teachers but they find the job too challenging for them to perform.

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