Trump cut the budget of the cbc and disbanded the nsc pandemic unit

As apolitical as you would want to be, it is now that you realize things have gone south with some decisions that President Trump had been taking in the past years. The world witnessed a surge in the rate at which the infection spreads and the number of deaths as a result. CDC and several other bodies in the US responsible for the country’s defenses against a global outbreak have been slashed off the budgets. What has been the impact of this problem? Is it truly a question that should be asked now? Hadn’t this happened, could the scenario be different? The blog is something more precisely a “why” and “what if” session! It’s because what’s happened is all in front of us.

Are we as severely impacted by this policy and decision making flaw?
CDC faces budget cuts, and the body for pandemic control faces disintegration as its head resigns from his post. What bad has it done to us? Confirmed cases, 1.61 million, and a death toll that has climbed to about 95,000 what could get worse than this? And yes, if we were to find the damages, we stand in a far adverse and continually worsening situation when compared to the epicenter of the virus, China.

So, we are practically struck with President Trump’s ineffective timing for the policy changes.

Is this a question fitting the situation now?
Yes, the situation matches the nature of the question. We’ve become forever vulnerable to this pandemic in the wake of cuts and slashes made to US bodies for global outbreak control. Now that we know how worse things have become, I don’t think anyone would be questioning the credibility of this question. We are severely affected by the pandemic, more than ever, and far more than what could have been the case had the cuts not been made.

Could we be in a different situation had the committee and budgets still be intact?
Yes, they would be. They would surely be different. When the situation started depleting, and we knew that we have a population that would require support and assistance, a dedicated body with sufficient budgets like those of the CDC could be a plus. Our community that could be assisted monetarily and with other support mechanisms would surely make a difference.

We hope that it quite clear now that you understand how things have worsened with this policy blunder.

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